Synthgene Bio has successively completed A+ rounds of financing of over 300 million yuan, focusing on providing overall solutions for upstream raw materials in the field of life sciences!

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Jiangsu Synthgene Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to asSynthgene Bio), the parent company of Nanjing Synthgene Medical Technology Co., Ltd., recently announced the completion of the A+ round of financing. This round of financing was jointly led by Qingchi Capital and LYFE Capital (Zhouling Capital). There are shareholders Sherpa Investment and Lenovo Star continue to make additional investments. Previously, the A1 round was jointly invested by Ruihua Capital, Sherpa Investment, and Legend Star. The two rounds of financing have accumulated a total of over 300 million yuan, and Life Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor for this financing.

 Jiangsu Synthgene Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Synthgene Bio), the parent company of Nanjing Synthgene Medical Technology Co., Ltd., recently announced the completion of the A+ round of financing. This round of financing was jointly led by Qingchi Capital and LYFE Capital (Zhouling Capital). There are shareholders Sherpa Investment and Lenovo Star continue to make additional investments. Previously, the A1 round was jointly invested by Ruihua Capital, Sherpa Investment, and Legend Star. The two rounds of financing have accumulated a total of over 300 million yuan, and Life Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor for this financing.

Driven by the technology platform, three major product sectors are derived,

It serves two fields of medical care and consumer health.

Synthgene Bio was established in 2018, driven by technology, derived from raw materials, products and services, focusing on providing customers with overall solutions for upstream raw materials in the field of life sciences. The core members of the company are from the doctoral team of Nanjing University. They have been committed to the research and development of gene nucleic acid drugs and in vitro diagnostic upstream raw materials and other technology platforms for many years. Now they have platform technologies such as monoclonal antibody preparation, mRNA in vitro transcription synthesis, and oligonucleotide synthesis. , Driven by this, the three major product segments of derived cell gene therapy raw materials, gene nucleic acid drug raw materials, and IVD raw materials are provided to provide upstream raw materials and CDMO services for the medical field, and provide OTC home self-test products for the consumer health field.


Dr. Tong Kun, the founder of the company, said: We are very honored to receive investment from well-known domestic and foreign investment institutions Qingchi Capital and Zhouling Capital, and we are very grateful to the company's original investors Sherpa Investment and Lenovo Star for multiple rounds of increased holdings. This is the investor's high recognition for the innovation ability and execution ability of Synthgene Bio's team. This financing is mainly used for Synthgene

Bio’s further investment in the research and development of genetic nucleic acid drug raw materials and OTC home self-test products, the expansion of the talent team and the commercialization of products in overseas markets.


Synthgene  Bio focuses on areas with strong technical barriers, not only constantly seeking unsatisfied incremental markets, but also seeking differentiated business layouts in mature markets and continuously optimizing its R&D platform. The SARS-CoV-2 epidemic has accelerated the rapid development of genetic nucleic acid drugs, including mRNA vaccines, and home self-testing OTC markets. mRNA vaccines belong to a high-barrier incremental market, while the mature technology of antigen and antibody detection has avoided the medical market and chose the differentiated home self-test market.


As a supplier of high value-added upstream raw materials for mRNA vaccines with core technologies,  Synthgene Bio has developed mRNA core vaccine raw materials such as nucleotides, modified nucleotides, and chemical capping analogs at this stage. Under the premise of maintaining high chemical purity, related products can ensure high transformation efficiency of their biological mRNA. At the same time, Synthgene Biosciences is also vigorously developing the upstream core raw materials of small nucleic acid drugs: phosphoramidite gene monomer, GalNAC, etc., and deeply layout the huge gene nucleic acid drug market in the future.

As application scenarios of antigen-antibody detection products shift from medical treatment to home self-testing market, and from B-end market to C-end customers, the exponential increase in product after-sales service has created higher requirements for the sensitivity and specificity of this technology.  Synthgene Bio has developed an efficient antibody discovery platform. Based on this platform, Synthgene Bio has quickly established a huge antibody cell bank for diagnosis, from which antibodies with good sensitivity and high specificity can be obtained, thereby enhancing the core competitiveness of the entire product.


Domestic mRNA upstream raw material customers cover 80%,

OTC kits are exported to more than 30 countries.


In the field of upstream core raw materials for mRNA vaccines,  Synthgene Bio has built an international high-level GMP production base under the excellent technological level and perfect quality control system to ensure that customers obtain high-quality raw materials. It is one of the few domestic companies that can provide kilogram-level GMP specifications. Enterprises of small nucleic acid raw materials and mRNA raw materials. The domestic mRNA upstream raw material customers cover 80%, and can provide 5 billion doses of mRNA raw material supply.


Because of the high-quality upstream raw materials produced by itself, the OTC self-testing agent has excellent performance and has export qualifications. It has covered many fields including infectious diseases, drugs, prenatal and postnatal care, etc. The products are exported to more than 30 countries such as Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Peru, etc. The market is well received. After the introduction of my country's SARS-CoV-2 family self-test policy, on April 1, 2022, the SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) antigen detection kit (colloidal gold method) developed by  Synthgene Bio was approved by the State Food and Drug Administration (Registration Certificate No.: National Instruments Note 20223400427) was officially listed, contributing to the rapid screening of the SARS-CoV-2 and the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic!


investors say

Qian Ranting, a partner of Qingchi Capital, said: "We recognize the scientific research exploration and business development of the  Synthgene team led by Dr. Tong Kun in the field of upstream raw material supply and application in life sciences. The company's technology accumulation is relatively solid, and the team is vibrant. We believe that , Over time,  Synthgene has the potential to become a strong competitor in the domestic life science upstream supply and application field to compete with international manufacturers."

"Qingchi Capital has rich experience in investment in China's medical and pharmaceutical industry and has a wide range of layouts. More than half of the invested companies are in the field of biotechnology research and development and production. We believe that it can bring industrial resources and business opportunities to Synthgene. The management provides the growth experience of other outstanding investee companies to help  Synthgene continuously improve corporate governance. In addition, Qingchi Capital has both primary and secondary capital market investment business, which helps the invested companies to grasp the capital dynamics and optimize the financing path. "

Wang Yinan, director of Zhouling Capital Investment, said: "With the rapid development of downstream industries such as biomedicine and molecular diagnostics, the upstream key raw material market for biosciences has gradually entered an explosive period, and the localization trend of the entire industry supply chain has become more and more clear. There are very few domestic upstream platform companies that master the core technology and the entire industry has very broad development prospects in the future.”

" Synthgene Bio focuses on the development and provision of overall solutions for upstream raw materials in the field of life sciences. It has developed very rapidly in the past few years. With its excellent development capabilities, it has formed a wealth of technical product reserves in the fields of diagnostic upstream raw materials and nucleic acid drug raw materials. And quickly built up industrial production capacity, product quality has been widely recognized by domestic and foreign customers, and orders have grown rapidly. The founding team has a very deep industry accumulation, and has strong overall execution capabilities. We are very optimistic about the company's future as a life science upstream raw material The industry leader and platform enterprise. The company has a lot of synergistic value with LYFE Capital. LYFE Capital will use its resources in the global ecosystem to work with the company to deploy overseas markets and build a global Recognized life science upstream raw material platform enterprise."

Xing Cheng, founder/managing partner of Sherpa, said: "In recent years, under the catalysis of the epidemic and other factors, the problem of raw material supply chain has become a key problem that China's innovative R&D companies have felt personally. The stable supply and localization of materials is the key to ensuring the development of China's innovative enterprises, and it is also an important prerequisite for the upgrading of the entire Chinese biopharmaceutical industry, which is the general trend."

" Synthgene Bio's team is young, full of vigor and vigor. The management team led by Mr. Tong has forward-looking judgment and strong decision-making and execution power for the industry. Within a year or so of our contact with the team,  Synthgene Biological In the scope of our field of vision, GeneBio changes almost every day, and has made breakthroughs in the research and development, production and sales of core raw materials in multiple sub-divisions such as antigen antibodies, nucleic acids, and cell gene drugs."

Lian Leyao, executive director of Lenovo Star, said: "With the rapid development of my country's life sciences and IVD fields, the demand for raw materials in the upstream of the industrial chain has rapidly expanded, and the key raw materials with high technical thresholds are still dominated by import monopoly, especially Nucleic acid drugs represented by mRNA and siRNA will be launched one after another in the future, and key raw material suppliers are in an important position in the value chain, so for the primary and secondary markets, the upstream raw materials of life sciences have huge appeal.”

"There are many types of IVD and nucleic acid raw materials, and the technology of downstream research is rapidly iterated, which requires the team to have efficient and cross-disciplinary research and development capabilities.  Synthgene Bio has independently mastered a series of platform technologies, and has become the key to the very few domestically capable of supplying RNA drugs on a large scale. One of the raw material companies. At the same time, the team was able to seize opportunities in different segments such as IVD and RNA, and completed the staged customer cultivation in different markets at home and abroad, reflecting strong market development and business capabilities. Follow-up Lenovo Star We will also help the company with resources from various aspects of capital, strategy and industry.”

Li Shengwen, director of Life Capital, said: "Under the influence of the epidemic, the SARS-CoV-2 detection and mRNA vaccine market has become prominent, so that the upstream raw materials of life science have attracted the attention of all parties. With this opportunity, this industry can quickly achieve domestic production in China. Instead, the proportion of exports in foreign markets is also far higher than in previous years. In the field of biomedicine, international giants can only emerge if global sales channels are realized. Therefore, we are very concerned about this industry, and we hope that various upstream companies will take advantage of the opportunity of the export of SARS-CoV-2 reagents. Open up the foreign trade of the upstream raw materials of life sciences, and a number of international enterprises have emerged.”

"As the exclusive financial advisor for this financing, we are very fortunate to witness the rapid development of  Synthgene. With the joint efforts of  Synthgene's experienced chemical team and biological team, it has an efficient antigen-antibody platform, mRNA upstream raw material platform, As well as a complete domestic and foreign certification system for test kits, it can be in a leading position in its subdivision in a very short period of time."


About Lake Bleu Capital

Based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, China, Lake Bleu Capital is an investment platform focused on the medical field, with assets under management of billions of dollars. The secondary market dollar fund of Clear Pool Capital is one of the largest secondary market medical funds in Asia. Qingchi Capital is also active in private equity investment in the domestic medical industry, and has successfully invested in more than 50 outstanding companies in the growth stage.

Qingchi Capital has been deeply involved in the medical and pharmaceutical field for many years. Since 2018, it has been paying attention to and investing in the domestic life science upstream tools and raw materials industry. The domestic biopharmaceutical and life science fields have shown an explosive trend in recent years. It is very natural that local enterprises will quickly enter into comprehensive competition, including competition in cost control. The localization of production materials is the only way to control costs, and it is also a link in the domestic pharmaceutical value chain that needs to be broken through. Abundant capital will be conducive to scientific research investment in this field, and will substantially promote the improvement and catch-up of domestic technology level.

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LYFE Capital is a professional investment platform in the global medical field dedicated to value creation. We cooperate with outstanding medical enterprises with rapid growth potential and are in various development stages, provide financial support to enterprises, promote the rapid growth of the company, and enable it to exert its maximum potential in the rapidly changing market environment. With rich knowledge and professional investment experience, we can flexibly adjust investment strategies to meet the urgent needs of each invested company. A professional team and an international perspective allow us to cover the global market, especially for outstanding medical companies in Greater China and North America, to achieve smooth and unimpeded international cooperation through value creation.

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Sherpa Investment has invested in more than 80 innovative medical and health companies in the past four years, and has a rich project layout in various subdivisions of new drugs. Promote.

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Legend Star is one of the earliest early-stage investment institutions to systematically deploy the medical and health field. Since 2010, medical and health care has been regarded as one of the key investment areas. In this field, Lenovo Star has set its strategic layout into two major sections: "biomedicine" and "digital medical care". Among them, biomedicine includes innovative drugs, genetic technology and services, diagnosis and high-value consumables, etc.; digital medical care refers to the use of artificial intelligence, big data, robots and other technologies for drug research and development, medical equipment, medical services, insurance payment and health care. Opportunities for upgrading and empowerment in management and other aspects. At present, Legend Star has invested in more than 100 high-quality medical projects, including Kintor Pharmaceutical (9939.HK), Burning Rock (NASDAQ: BNR), Axonics (NASDAQ: AXNX), Connoya (2162.HK), Pioneer Ge Bio, Kayudi, Qihan Bio, Gaocheng Bio, Shenrui Medical, Jingfeng Surgical Robot, Jiayin Bio, etc.

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In the past few years, the team has completed dozens of financing and mergers and acquisitions in the medical industry, with a cumulative amount of tens of billions of yuan, covering new drug research and development, medical equipment, diagnosis, consumer medical care, medical services, smart medical care, health insurance and other details. sub-field. In the selection of Chinese financial consulting institutions organized by the financial big data organization Qiming Technology, Life Capital was selected as the top 3 financial consulting institutions in the medical and health field in China. In the Arterial Network's Future Medical Top 100 event, Life Capital was named "Annual Medical Financial Consultant Organization".