Canine Ehrlichia Antibody Rapid Test Kit


This product does not require any instruments and is used to rapidly screen forCanine Ehrlichia(E.canis)antibodyin dogs serum, plasma or whole blood. If the C line and T line are displayed red ribbons, Canine EhrlichiaAntibodywas found in the sample.

Sample:serum, plasma or whole blood


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1/5/10/25/50 test(s)kit


Canine Ehrlich disease is a kind of canine septicemic infectious disease caused by bovine tick infection of canine Ehrlich. The characteristic lesions are emaciation, plasma cell infiltration in most organs, non-regenerative anemia and other lesions, which have strong transmission force and are often associated with other viruses, resulting in the removal of ticks and the use of antibiotics for comprehensive treatment.
This product does not require any additional equipment and is used for in-vitro qualitative screening for
 Ehrlichia Antibody in dogs whole blood, serum or plasma.

About this test

Positive Result: Red bands appear in both the test line (T)and the control line (C).

Negative Result: Ared band will only appear in the control line (C) on the result window.

Invalid Result: If there is no red band in the control line (C), the result is invalid. A re-test is recommended.


1.For animal use only, please operate in strict accordance with the instruction manual.

2.Do not use expired or damaged products, and each component cannot be reused or mixed with different kits.

3.This product should be stored in a dark and dry environment at 2°C~30'C, and tested at room temperature. After tearing the aluminum foil bag and taking out the reagent strip, it should be used as soon as possible within 1 hour to prevent the reagent strip from getting wet.

4.Temperature has a great influence on the test results. All used consumables, test pad and other wastes should be put into medical waste bags and disposed of properly in accordance with local regulations. The desiccant in the aluminum foil bag cannot be taken internally.

5.Observe the results within the specified time. lf the reaction time is too long or too short, the test results may be affected.

6.Only the sample treatment solution in the kit can be used in the test, do not use tap water, purified water and distilled water.

Test steps are as follows

(After the aluminum foil bag is opened, it is recommended to use it within 1 hour)


Result Interpretation


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